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Hi friends.
Here two fantasy layouts i created for a German friend:




The first is a widebodies airport with some walkways: in fact the blue and green areas are walkways, for those passengers having to reach the terminal without a bus or a jetway.
The coloured walkways are especially common in leisure/holiday airports, where there are no jetways and where the terminal building is no far from the airplane stand. They are coloured to mark the areas where passengers/people are walking, so to make extreme careful with GSE, cars, trucks.
They can also exist in airports with jetways but where some airlines, usually low costs and/or charter, park in remote stands.

The second is a fantasy mega-hub with a particularity: a round terminal. Making a round terminal is one of the most difficult things, because all the measures and sizes of a straight terminal must be reconsidered; even the parking stands and lines are more difficult to realize. Even creating a round terminal building using wood is a challenge: cut, make it better with sandpaper, etc.
Even the parking stands are more difficult to realize: with straight terminal the parking stands are perfectly perpendicular while with round terminal there aren't the same reference points to realize them. For this layout i used herpa round terminal buildings, then Martin coloured them
But, when finished, the effect is wonderful, as you can see from the photos.
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The design of both is outstanding. I especially love the colorful round terminal.
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