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On This Day In Aviation History - 25 July 2008

A Boeing 747-438 operating as Qantas Flight 30, suffers from an in-flight fuselage rupture and explosive decompression just forward of the starboard wing root. The aircraft was forced to divert to Manila, where the flight crew landed the jumbo safely despite the failure of the ILS and anti-skid braking system.

Investigators determined that the accident was the result of an oxygen cylinder which failed during the flight. 

Aircraft Type: Boeing 747-438

Aircraft Name: City of Newcastle

Operator: Qantas

Flight Number: 30

Registration: VH-OJK

Flight Origin: London Heathrow

Stopover: Hong Kong

Destination: Melbourne

Passengers: 346

Crew: 19

Injuries: 0

Fatalities: 0

Survivors: 365 (All)


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